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I came to a crossroads last weekend. I had to paint a fence, but behold little to no experience. Assuming I could do it myself, while saving money on service suppliers, I ensued to do a horrific job, necessitating the investment of more time and money to compensate for mistakes. Search engine optimization copywriting could be your bane. It happens to small businesses often, entities looking to circumvent costs while ostensibly committing good acts of online marketing. Don't commit my hasty errors in logic, thinking I could address something alone, with little or no experience. Consider the following ways small businesses commit search engine optimization copywriting errors.


Keyword Stuffing

A quick perusal of the Web, scanning posts on SEO, elicits enough information to understand the process relies on keyword usage. Vendors, deciding on keywords associated with their services, products, and target-market queries, "stuff" words in blog posts, articles, on-site content, and elsewhere, believing the process is helping their rankings. Actually the search engines see this procedure as an offense, granting no authority to such pages. Additionally, if readers do come upon such pages, the obvious inclusion of particular words will make the page (and its author) seem suspect.

No Keyword Focus

Search engine optimization copywriting services usually leverage no more than a few words per piece of copy. This ensures words are not overused, but implemented in a natural way throughout, avoiding awkward syntax and the impression of ulterior motives. Each piece of copy should adopt one keyword as the main focus.

It's About Them, Not You

Executives love to dote upon their products, services, and brand. It's understandable; it's good to be confident in your business. However, copy needs to focus on helping the consumer rather than the supremacy of your products, services, and brand. Good online marketing copy spins a consumer-related issue or problem with the client's product or service providing the solution. Consumers can relate to issues. They can't directly relate to the greatness of your product, especially if they've never used it.

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